How does finderness work?

How It Works Point 1

Simply click on the "Register" button and enter your address and contact details.

How It Works Point 2

"Complete profile" and confirm with "Update". Then click the "Order finderness codes" button.`

How It Works Point 3

The annual fee is € 14,90 plus a flat shipping fee of € 1.90 for Germany. Then click on "Place order" and conveniently pay by PayPal, direct debit or credit card. That’s it.

How It Works Point 4

You will receive your personalized and customized label sheet within 10 days (Germany). For delivery times for other countries see "Shipping costs“ in the footer.

How It Works Point 5

Upon receipt, you can stick the finderness labels on anything you want to protect against loss. The labels are only 30 x 17 mm in size, or have a diameter of just 22 mm in the round version.

How It Works Point 6

If an item is lost, the finder only has to scan your individual QR code (mobile phone camera or app (e.g. Barcoo)) and enter their finder data. And finderness treats your data with absolute confidentiality and anonymity.

How It Works Point 7

finderness informs you immediately that one of your treasures has been found and at the same time provides you with the finder data.

How It Works Point 8

You can now contact the finder, organize the return of the item and send a finder's fee to the finder.

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About us


is a smart lost property office designed to bring lost things back to their owners.

The Problem

It is always annoying when valuable things get lost. In addition to the financial loss, one usually spends a lot of time searching. And if special memories were also associated with the object, this makes the loss even more difficult.

The solution

finderness can help bring these treasures back to their owners. The finder only needs a mobile phone camera (or app (e.g. Barcoo)) and an Internet connection, and then scans the personalized QR code. Or enter the 8-digit identity code directly on the site (see "for finder"). Everything else is handled by the intelligent finderness system.

What our customers say

War erst skeptisch, ob das mit den Etiketten funktioniert. Habe dann sofort einige Sachen „gesichert“ und selbst mehrfach gescannt. Die Benachrichtigung war in 1 Sekunde da. Wirklich easy und funktioniert tadellos :)

Simone Testimonial Author Avatar POinter to Profile Picture

Die Etiketten lassen sich etwas schwer ablösen. Haften aber 1a. Sind auch nicht sehr groß und stören nicht. Meine Freunde wollten auch sofort scannen und testen. Hat einfach und prima geklappt.

Alex Testimonial Author Avatar POinter to Profile Picture

War überrascht, wie einfach das System funktioniert. Und der persönliche Kundenbereich ist mit der Fund-Historie sehr schön gemacht. Der Preis ist auch in Ordnung. Deutlich weniger als 1 € pro Etikett. Und das für 1 ganzes Jahr.

Stephi Testimonial Author Avatar POinter to Profile Picture

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