finderness returns lost items.

One-time fee of only € 3.90
365 days of service & security!
With 18 smart finderness labels.

Get find reports in seconds.
No time-consuming searches.
Saves time, money and nerves.

Your personal data always
remain protected. A finder
will never be able to see them!

As simple as it is ingenious.


We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service. That's why we are making you the following offer:

After you register, we will send you your personal label sheet.

Simply stick a label on an object of your choice and scan the QR code.

In other words, exactly the way a finder would do it.

And check out the way the find notification works.

If you're impressed by finderness, we would be very happy to receive your positive feedback.

However, if you're not satisfied, you can return the label sheet to us within 10 days

 of receipt:

Include a brief explanation and send to

We will then refund the full annual fee. Guaranteed!

I'm impressed by finderness

The annual fee is
€ 3.90 plus Shipping fee.

In return, I will receive 18 finderness labels and

4 key/luggage tags. I don't have to activate anything else.

The labels are immediately ready for use upon receipt.

 365 days of service and security!

(Do you have a promotional voucher? Simply enter it in the order menu.)

Found something?

Have you found a valuable item owned by a finderness member and would you like finderness to inform the owner immediately?

What lost?

Would you like to secure your valuable items for the future with finderness labels so that you can quickly have them returned if you lose them?