Why finderness?

A case that happens every day!

You lose your keychain ...

and don't know where it could have happened. There were all the important keys to it -
also from the office! Sure, you search everything first - at home, in the car, in the office, ...
And then try your luck in your community's lost property office, or in town,
where you were last traveling

But if this happens on a Friday evening, two days pass,
until the lost property offices open again. Days full of uncertainty and worry.
You also invest a lot of time in the search! Unfortunately, the demand in the
surrounding lost property offices were unsuccessful.

So you have no choice but to replace the keys.
Even worse: in the house and in the office, for safety reasons
the locks affected can also be exchanged!

The financial damage amounts to over 700 € !!!

A week later, the bunch of keys is still handed over to the city's lost property office.
But unfortunately too late! The honest finder simply did not manage to bring it to the lost property office:
"I live 40 km outside of the city and unfortunately haven't had any time so far,
hand in the keychain in the lost property office ... "

With finderness do you have the certainty
that exactly that cannot happen.

Because it is very easy for the finder to report the find to finderness.
And finderness informs you in seconds by email.
You can therefore hand over the same evening with the finder
agree and get your keychain back after a few hours.

No uncertainty! No hassle! And no follow-up costs!
You only pay a finder's fee to the honest finder.